Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Real Science Adventures collected edition released

A collected edition of Brian Clevinger's Real Science Adventures: Billion Dollar Plot, a graphic novel that features Houdini in action beside Nikola Tesla, Charles Fort, Annie Oakley and others, is released today by Atomic Robo.

A cabal of industrialists are conspiring to overthrow Washington D.C. in the wake of the Financial Panic of 1893. Only the Centurions of Science stand in their way! But can they stop the Black Coat Army and save New York City from sinking into the Atlantic first? Starring: Nikola Tesla: The Mastermind; George Westinghouse: The Industrialist; Winfield Scott Lovecraft: The Secret Agent; Charles Fort: The Investigator; Ehrie "Houdini" Weiss: The Escapist; Annie Oakley: The Sharpshooter; and Wong Kei-ying: The Martial Artist.

You can buy Real Science Adventures: Billion Dollar Plot on Amazon.com (U.S.) and Amazon.co.uk (UK).


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