Thursday, October 19, 2017

Official Séance looks to lock up Houdini in Cleveland

Today I have details on the 2017 Official Houdini Séance in Cleveland. This year attendees will gather for a 3-course meal, entertainment, and the official seance inside a former bank vault! The vault is today part of the Crop Bistro & Bar in downtown Cleveland.

Here is your chance to experience the 90th consecutive Official Houdini Séance on the anniversary of Houdini's Halloween death in the intimate, candle-lit Vault under the old United Bank and Trust Building in Ohio City, now home of Crop Bistro & Bar. 
Enjoy cocktails and an exceptional three-course dinner while enjoying Houdini talks and up-close magic performed by Paul Gallagher
Then the séance will begin with medium Marianne Goldweber, who'll also perform individual audience readings throughout the session. 
Houdini often performed in Cleveland, so maybe this year he will come through! 
Ticket price includes one drink ticket, dinner and entertainment. Valet parking is available for $9. 
7 p.m. - Cocktails & Light Hor D'Ourves
7:30 p.m. - Dinner, Houdini Talks and Close-Up Magic by Paul Gallagher
8:30 p.m. - Formal Parlor Show
9 p.m. - The Official Houdini Séance with medium Marianne Goldweber, owner of The Village Personal and Spirtual Development Center
Magician Paul Gallagher and Medium Marianne Goldweber.

The Official Houdini Séance traces its linage back to Houdini's brother Hardeen who passed the tradition to collector Sidney Radner. Sid held seances until his death in 2011. Today his son Bill Radner and Tom Boldt carry on the tradition. In 2012 the Official Seance was opened to the public.

You can purchse tickets to the 2017 Official Houdini Seance for $80 via Eventbright.



  1. Looks like it's sold out! Harry before he died was next booked for shows at the still-operating Hanna Theater in Cleveland, right after Detroit. Is this the year he finally makes his delayed return to Cleveland?? --Dale from Cleveland.

  2. It's so ironic that commemorations of Houdini, who despised purported mediums, so often include mediums. (And this, chiefly, because Bess and others repurposed them instead of sticking with the program.)

    1. It's like what Margery says in the Houdini Miniseries (in one of few good pieces of dialogue): "When you die, we will make you say whatever we like."

  3. Hey, no longer shows as being Sold Out. Maybe they added a few tables!

  4. I am honored to be chosen to be the 90th Medium to attempt this historic communication. I've been a fan of mr. Houdini since childhood and being a very pragmatic spiritualist I'm skeptical of many things myself. I respect that.
    I do believe there are some seats available so just go to the crop Bistro website to register.
    See you there!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Marianne. Sorry I'm not attending. It's a great group you'll be sitting with. Best of luck.

    2. Thank you John I'm honored. Can't wait to meet all the members of the Inner Circle and channel for this event.