Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Daily Mail's (not so new) Houdini photos

So many people have alerted me to this (and I see it's now been picked up by Genii Online) that I feel compelled to comment on this splashy but bogus Daily Mail article about "lost" Houdini images which have recently "emerged". Of course, none of these are new images. They are all common photos, and some of these digital images come from the 2010 Houdini Art and Magic press-kit. So a bit of fake news here.

However, the article nicely promotes Derek Tait's superb new book The Great Houdini: His British Tours, which deserves attention, so...

For those who are interested in seeing a genuine new image of Houdini performing an escape -- one that has never been published before (to my knowledge) -- come back tomorrow when I will share the first of what will be a two part Halloween post.



  1. John--your ability to pull unpublished Houdini photos out of your sleeve is amazing!

  2. Pretty much the same story and images which appeared in the Daily Mirror a few days ago so evidently from a press syndicate. The Mail is known for its inaccuracies in reporting and sensationalist right-wing propaganda, so no surprises here! As you say; at least it manages to promote Derek Tait's new book.
    Paul Zenon