Monday, July 9, 2018

Houdini & Doyle would have met Sigmund Freud in Season 2

For those still pining for more Houdini & Doyle (I would have liked more), here's a tidbit from episode 5 screenwriter Joshua Brandon about what we would have seen had there been a second season.

Houdini never met Freud in real life (as far as I know), and Houdini was not a fan of psychoanalysis. However, the two have been paired in fiction (Watson and The Dark Art of Harry Houdini and Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs). Ironically Netflix recently announced their own Houdini & Doyle-like series featuring a young Freud solving crimes.

Houdini & Doyle originally aired on ITV, Fox and Global TV in 2016. It was released on DVD only in the UK. It is currently available for streaming on Amazon Video.


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