Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Get ready for a Grim (Game) May

May marks the 100th anniversary of Houdini filming The Grim Game in Los Angeles in 1919. In celebration, the month will see two special screenings of the movie. The first will be this Friday, May 3, at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. The second will be May 17 at the Catalina Island Museum. Both screenings will have musical accompaniment by Michael Mortilla. I'll also be on hand to introduce the film and talk about its rediscovery and restoration.

If you make it to the Catalina screening, you might want to stay an extra day for a special Silent Film Benefit special screening of Colleen Moore's Why Be Good? at the famous Avalon Casino. No direct Houdini connection, apart form the fact that flappers were wild about Harry.

The Grim Game is the only Houdini movie never made available on any home format, so a screening of the movie is currently the only way to see what is Houdini's best film. Hope to see you at one or both screenings!



  1. 100th Anniversary is very exciting. Michael Mortilla did musical accompaniment for The Master Mystery, Terror Island and now the Grim Game. Can’t wait. Will see you and Michael at both Grim Game Screenings.