Monday, April 22, 2019

Houdini fiction in 'Today Tomorrow Always'

Houdini and Bess appear in a new collection of ten short stories, Today Tomorrow Always from Margery de Brus LLC. The Houdini story is called "Aufmachen" and is written by Cheryl Wollner.

Today Tomorrow Always: Volume One is an eclectic, entertaining, and thought-provoking mix of short stories. Readers will meet a lone robot mourning the loss of her creators as she continues to tend their gardens; Harry and Bessie Houdini as they navigate pre-WWII Budapest; a 70-year-old Dr. Dre who reinvents performance art, and many more unique but genuine characters. In our first anthology, we bring you a literary-scifi-speculative fiction mashup at its finest. Images of war and robots, Catholic Cardinals and queer lovers, Nazi occupation and forced marches throughout history live side-by-side in this intriguing and page turning collection. You’ll put down the book and question everything you think is real, only to pick up the stories and read them again. Three reading group discussion questions follow each story.

Purchase Today Tomorrow Always at (U.S.) and (UK). Below are links to a few more Houdini adventures in the sci-fi realm.


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