Saturday, August 4, 2018

Houdini Wintergarten poster for sale at Magic Live

Lupe Nielsen has posted to her Instagram this image from Magic Live in Las Vegas. Her caption speaks for itself, but as you can see, she is showing and selling Norm's ultra-rare "Harry Houdini Wintergarten" poster. I wondered what had happened to this one as it was not part of Potter & Potter's Nielsen poster auction in 2016. This is one of only two known to exist and has never been reproduced in any book. Asking price is $60,000.

Earlier today, we went to the Orleans Hotel and Casino to hang our poster display for Magic Live. We do this every year we have attended - hang the posters before they set up the sales room for the dealers. . This year, we are featuring and selling three original posters: 1) Harry Houdini - "Wintergarten" - Poster measures 35" x 47" and it is an original poster from circa 1900. It is in good (B) condition with a few tears on the paper, but nothing that cannot be expertly restored. It is amazing that this poster is over one hundred years old. This is an extremely rare posters as we only know of two in the entire world (and this is one of them. ;-) ) 2) Carter - "Gallows" - In beautiful condition with bright colors, mounted, and ready to be displayed. This is a poster from 1926, and measures 7 ft. x 9 ft. 3) The Wanda's - This is a rare poster of Suzy and Elizabeth Van Dyk. A mother and daughter magical team that were masters of sleight of hand. This poster is from circa 1912 and measures 31" x 47". . I think these posters are exceptional. What do you think? . Have a great weekend, folks! . . . . . #magicshop #magicianprops #magicsupplies #nielsenmagic #nielsenmagicproducts #normnielsen #vanishingbottles #magicposters #stonelithography #carter #carterthegreat #harryhoudini #houdini #wandas #vintageposter #magiclive2018
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Magic Live starts tomorrow and runs through August 8.

Thanks to Mark Willoughby for the alert.


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