Monday, January 13, 2020

Revisit Houdini's Conjurers Monthly Magazine No. 1

Our friend Jack Coray has taken on an exciting project at his recently revived blog Houdini & Hardeen. Jack is deep diving into every issue of Houdini's Conjurers' Monthly Magazine, which ran from September 1906 to August 1908. There's gold in these issues, and Jack intends to mine it all! Below are links to his posts covering issue No. 1:

Individual issues of Conjurers' Monthly Magazine are rare (the above scan is from my own collection). In 1991 Kaufman and Greenberg published all the issues in a two volume set. That is also now rare and expensive. At the moment there is a copy on Amazon.

 Thanks Jack. Looking forward to more issues and more discoveries!



  1. Thanks for posting this John! That is so great that you have Conjurers' in your collection.


    1. I only have 3 originals. This No. 1, and Nov. '06 and April '07. But thankful I have the Kaufman set.