Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Go WILD for Houdini on Facebook

Did you know WILD ABOUT HARRY has several pages on Facebook? This is because I'm insane.'s a nice way to follow just that aspect of Houdini's life and career that you find most interesting. My most recent addition is Houdini Illustrated. Here I share only those posts having to do with Houdini in contemporary art and illustration. So if that's your thing, give it a Like!

Below are my other pages with descriptions.

Wild About Harry (Houdini)
Want it all? This is my main Facebook page where I share everything that goes up on the blog and more. This one is for the truly Wild.

My most "Liked" page. Here I share only history related Houdini posts. Forget the movies and plays and comics and clutter, this stays focused on the man and his times.

Houdini's Escapes
Into bondage? Well, there are other Facebook pages for that. But if Houdini's escapes are your thing, here's a page that will keep you captive.

Houdini's Magic
Houdini's career as a straight magician is greatly unappreciated. But we appreciate it here! Like to keep up with Harry's hocus pocus.

Houdini's Spirit Exposures
Do Spirits Return? On this page Houdini says No and Proves it! Here I also share links to stories about modern frauds and psychic rip-offs. The crusade continues.

Houdini the Aviator
Houdini thought he would always be remembered for his achievements as a pioneer aviator, which proves he wasn't psychic. But while the world may have forgotten, we haven't!

Houdini's Movies
Action! Houdini's short-lived movie career lives forever on this page.

Bess Houdini
Who doesn't love Bessie? Give her some Likes, but watch out for her "brainstorms"!

Wild about Dash? So are we. Of course we need a page devoted to The Monarch of Manacles.

Houdini (1953)
For many people, myself included, it all stated with Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. The first and still the best Houdini biopic.

The Great Houdinis
I have soft spot for this second Houdini biopic from 1976. And judging by the number of Likes, looks like I'm not alone.

I also have largely retired pages devoted to the Houdini Miniseries and the TV series Houdini & Doyle. And I'm toying with the idea of new page devoted just to Houdini Books.

So Like your favorites or Like them all!


  1. Wow I don't know how you do it John! Houdini illustrated is a great idea.


  2. Holy moly, I didn't realize all these pages were yours, John! Can't wait to look at the Houdini Illustrated page; that's a big area of interest for me (on top of all the others). Thanks!

  3. Thanks guys. I've toyed with the idea of devoting every Sunday to a post related in some way to the illustrated Houdini. There's just so much!

  4. Replies
    1. Haha. Amazingly, somehow I do get my 8 hours. But I dream of Houdini! :p

  5. I know I've been a Houdini nut on Facebook so long, when I look at this list and only 2 of them I'd not yet "Liked". (That's fixed. However, I'll have to go back and change some settings so I actually *see* more than a trickle of posts from these pages. Actually, I don't remember the last time I saw an update from any of them).