Friday, May 15, 2020

10th Anniversary: Those Vanishing Elephant photos

It was ten years ago today that I shared what would turn out to be one of my most popular (and frustrating) posts to that date. It concerned the rumor that color photos of Houdini's Vanishing Elephant illusion ran in a 1918 issue of New York World magazine. You can revisit below:

TEN YEAR UPDATE: I wish I could say that these photos have been found within these past ten years, but I cannot. They remain as elusive as ever, and I'm beginning to wonder if they ever really existed. But, hey, this is the kind of thing that keeps up going!

For those who might be disappointed in the lack of progress on the elephant front, know that I have made another major Houdini find that I will share this weekend. You'll dig it! (And that's a clue.)



  1. Oh boy! Can't wait for this one. I sure would "dig it" if this was at all related to Buried Alive!!! I've always wondered what came of that apparatus.Either way though, I'm already excited to see what it is!

  2. We know that Joe Notaro made a serious attempt at getting to the bottom of the missing Vanishing Elephant photos: