Saturday, May 2, 2020

Houdini (1953) on Talking Pictures TV

This is a late alert, but Houdini (1953) will air on Talking Pictures TV in the UK tonight (May 2) at 7:40 PM. This appears to be the first airing of the classic biopic on the network and they have made it their highlight of the week. It will repeat on Wednesday, May 6 at 10:05pm.

Talking Pictures TV also occasionally airs the seldom seen The Great Houdinis (1976), so it looks like they are becoming the go-to Houdini biopic channel in the UK.


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  1. Tony as Harry: "I gave them a thrill -- something to take home and talk about!" Janet as Bess: "So you thrilled them for a minute. By tomorrow, it'll be forgotten." Tony as Harry: "Next time, I'll give them a bigger thrill. Something they won't forget so soon." Talk about prophetic. I especially love these early scenes in the movie when they're struggling to make it.