Monday, May 25, 2020

Talking Houdini with the AMA this Thursday

With the Magic Castle closed due to Covid-19, the Academy of Magical Arts wanted some way to continue to bring members magical experiences. Among those efforts are Facebook Live events called "Behind the Bookcase," which have proven to be very popular. So I'm excited and honored to have been asked to join Mike Caveney and Jonathan Levit for a "Behind the Bookcase" all about (surprise) HOUDINI this Thursday, May 28 at 7:00 PM PST.

"Behind the Bookcase" is available to all AMA Members via the AMA Facebook Group. Episodes are then archived and available on the Magic Castle website. So if you are a member of the AMA, I'll see you Thursday "Behind the Bookcase." (We'll turn Mike Caveney into a "Houdini Nut" yet!)

UPDATE: I'm happy to report that the event went so well we are planning a Part 2. And I think Mike might be re-catching Houdini fever (his interest in magic actually began with the Epstein book). And if you want to know the "secret of Houdini's favorite suit", I've shared it HERE. Thanks to all who watched!



  1. Caveney contributed an interesting HH story in Posnanski's book that if true shows the handcuff king not quite at his best behavior.

  2. Looking forward to another episode of "Behind the Bookcase", especially one on Houdini. Break a leg!

  3. How did this go? Did Caveney remain unrepentant? This is one of those times to be an AMA member.

  4. The banter between John and Mike made for great entertainment.
    Covered topics from magic, Metamorphosis, Bessie’s role, Houdini’s suit, birth year, vanishing elephant, casket tests, and Houdini’s last photo.
    Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. It was called a draw, so there will be a part 2.

  5. Everyone seemed to think it went great. However, my connection was bad so apparently I was hard to hear and I'm super bummed about that. But I'm taking steps to make sure that doesn't happen in Part II.

    I actually DO think Milk is catching the Houdini bug a bit. Houdini just offers up so many historical mysteries -- I think that's irresistible to someone who loves magic history as much as Mike.