Saturday, November 8, 2014

Houdini at Yankee Gathering XV

Yankee Gathering XV, the biennial convention of the New England Magic Collectors Association (NEMCA), concludes today in Westboro, MA. John Hinson is attending and has sent over these pics of three table displays filled with his original Houdini photos and memorabilia (some of these can be seen seen in our Unpublished Houdini series from last year). Nice to see the recently rediscovered "Dearest Vincent" Bessie letter back among John's collectibles. Click each photo to enlarge.

Here are Houdini items on display from the collection of our good friend Jon Oliver.

NEMCA has also released The Yankee Magic Collector #16. This latest issue includes Houdini articles by Arthur Moses (Houdini's "The Unmasking Of..."), Ron Cartlidge (The Harry Houdini Collection: Boxes 7-9 & 19), and William V. Rauscher (Houdini and the Hippodrome).

For more information visit the New England Magic Collectors Association website.


  1. Nice to see The Grim Game well represented.

    1. I noticed that. It's almost an all Grim Game table. :)

    2. JohnHinson great nehew of Bess and Harry HoudiniNovember 8, 2014 at 10:56 AM


  2. nice stuff. alway great to see more houdini goodies

  3. HI, just to add a foot note about the straight jackets. The brown one was
    purchased from Bess Houdini and Edward Saint by Will Rock out in California, back in the late thirties. It is a real Houdini Jacket. The other one
    is a copy of a jacket made by the J.C. Goss company in Detroit. I have an original receipt from 1916 where Houdini purchased a jacket while in Detroit. When I approached them about they were excited, and with some help, made a copy of their original work.
    The 2 trunks in the photos are as follows. One was used to transport smaller magic from Houdinis tours in the 1920s. Later Hardeen added his name to the top of the trunk. The second was used by Hardeen to trans port his milkcan. Hardeen sold it to Marty Sunshine of Wisconsin with the can and many other items most in the Lund Museum. For several days of restoration work I did for Mr. Lund he gave me the trunk.
    Look close to the pillow case on top, and you may see the out lines of the hasps.
    Jon Oliver

    1. Thanks Jon. Very interesting. Exciting that was Hardeen's Milk Can transport trunk.