Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Model of Houdini's plane is safe for now

Ian and Janice Satur with the model Voisin. (Melton City Council)

Back in February DiggersRest.com reported the distressing news that the model of Houdini's Voisin biplane created by Ian Satur for the 2010 Centenary celebrations was due to be scrapped. The article read in part:
Unfortunately, despite a number of open-ended promises by Melton City Council to accommodate the model within a permanent setting, it’s understood that the model will be destroyed in the coming days.
The good news is Australian Aviation Historian Graeme Minns has stepped forward and will provide storage for the model until a permanent and hopefully public home can be found in Australia.

Diggers Rest resident David O'Connor, who has been spearheading the effort to display the plane, recently interviewed the 81-year-old Satur about making the model and what he discovered about Houdini's original plane. It's an excellent interview that you can listen to at ©Melton City Council.


  1. I'm sure DC wouldn't mind having it on display at his museum.

    1. I'm not sure DC would be interested in a model. I think he would like the real plane! But this would certainly look great in another museum or collection. However, at the moment, it seems they really want it to stay in Australia.