Monday, December 12, 2011

Yes, Houdini was a Mason

The Mill Valley Masonic Lodge No. 356 has an interesting article on their website about "Masons and Magicians." So many of the great magicians from the Golden Age of Magic were Freemasons, including Houdini.

According to the article, "Bro. Houdini" was initiated as an Entered Apprentice on July 17, 1923 in St. Cecile Lodge No 568 in New York City. He passed to the degree of Fellowcraft on July 31, 1923, and was raised to the Degree of Master Mason on August 21, 1923. In 1924 he entered the Consistory, which is the fourth and final degree in the Scottish Rite.

Houdini's masonic activities included giving a benefit performance for the Valley of New York which filled the 4,000 seat Scottish Rite Cathedral and raised thousands of dollars. In October 1926, just weeks prior to his death, he became a Shriner in Mecca Temple. His last rites, held November 4, 1926 at the Elks Clubhouse in New York, concluded with traditional Masonic Rites.

Other famous Freemason magicians of the day included Thurston, Carter, Chung Ling Soo, Blackstone, Kellar, and Houdini's brother Hardeen.

You can read more about the Masonic Magicians at


  1. He would have been kind of nuts NOT to become a mason, at that time!

  2. Actually, until I wrote this article, I didn't realize how late in life he became a Mason. I thought he did so sometime in the early or mid teens, not the 1920s.

  3. Somewhere around here Ive got a book on Freemasonry and Houdini and Thurston are both pictured in the book.

  4. Freemasons are luciferians, so there you go.

    1. I am a Freemason, have been around this wonderful fraternity all my entire life with generations on both sides of my family involved Never seen or even heard a whisper about any thing to do w/ lucifer (lower case intended cause lucifer is nothing but a PUINK!) So when you stop bastardizing the true and actual factual history grab a towel soap and water and wipe the shit out of your eyes you Godless puke. Obviously you are of a pathetic mind set that has sealed your thought process which show the truth behind this wonderful fraternity.

    2. so very true my brother

    3. albert pike (open satanist) Mason, anton lavey (founder of the church of satan) Mason, also...if you are still of a low degree of masonry (AKA any american mason) you have no idea what you are doing, simply drones. Also, cat in a corner routine typically comes from the guilty. "protesteth too much" enjoy hell, im sure tons of your "brothers" will be there do all kinds of weird death related rituals and redundant chants and help rebuild the tower of babel with all you other weird old dudes



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