Monday, December 19, 2011

Wild About Hardini?

Here's a curious window card from the 1950s for someone calling themselves "HARDINI". This is clearly a fusion of Hardeen and Houdini, but it's a name that I think works much better than the "Nordinis" and "Boudinis" of Houdini's day.

Also note the "Direct from Hollywood - Paramount Pictures" and "Company of Entertainers from Movie Land." What's that all about? I'm also curious about what might be underneath the Hardini name as that is clearly a paste over.

But the real mystery is the man himself. Who was Hardini?

A quick search of Ask Alexander reveals a Hardini from Sweden whose first name is, you guessed it, Harry! But I've also found a few other Hardinis. Jim Sallias, aka Hardini, is active in the 1950s, which puts him in the right frame for this poster. And then there's Cliff Harden, aka Hardini, who is still active today. I've also discovered a "well known" escape artist in the 1930s going by the name Hardini.

The poster is being auctioned on eBay by Potter & Potter. So far it has received no bids.

UPDATE: Looks like Hardini found some love with a last minute bid.


  1. There was also a George H. Hubler in the 1930s who then sold the Hardini title to Clarence Pfeffer

  2. Oh, was Hubler the escape artist in the 30s I found then? Missed Clarence Pfeffer. You know, I didn't even think to check MagicPedia.

  3. Not sure. He was just one of the many I found when researching

  4. Last Minute bid was from me. I couldn't resist at that price, even though shipping to the UK will put it up. I will let you know if I can see anything under the Hardini name, but I suspect it will be blank. If anyone finds anything else out about Hardini, I would love to hear about it.

    1. Reseeaarching our town's historic vaueville / silent movie house and came uppon an article about Harry Hardini performing there. He seemed very sweet in the interview. He WISHED he had grown up in our orphans' home! He was AMAZED at the quality of our jail! :)

  5. Cool. Congrats on getting it, Dan. Yes, very reasonable price.

  6. Speaking of the fusion of names, Hardeen is already a fusion, of HARry HouDINi.