Thursday, December 1, 2011

Houdini never around when we need him, claims wife!

Check out this sensational letter written by Bess Houdini that was recently offered up on eBay. Here Bess is writing to the famous Klein's Restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA, thanking them for their sandwiches. It's a wonderful slice of life from the Houdini roadshow circa 1925, and it's very uncommon to see a letter written by Bess during Houdini's lifetime. But I'm especially crazy about her P.S.:

"Please pardon the signature in pencil, but Houdini is the only one who has a fountain pen, and of course he isn't around when we need him."

Unfortunately the starting price of $900 appears to have been a little too steep to attract a buyer and the letter cycled off today unsold.

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P.S. Noticed the auction used a quote about Bessie's dueling birth dates from my birthday tribute last January.

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  1. Is it known what brand or style of fountain pen Houdini favored? As a pen enthusiast, I'm always curious what historical figures wrote with. I know Lovecraft used a Waterman and Arthur Conan Doyle used a Parker Duofold Classic. I love knowing Harry used a fountain pen but gotta wonder which?