Tuesday, December 13, 2011

LINK: The Strange Life of a Different Houdini

Yes, it's another MUST READ on Dean Carnegie: Magic Detective. This time Dean takes a look back at the career of Jacob Hyman, Harry's original partner in The Brothers Houdini, who actually went on to perform as "J.H. Houdini" for many years.

Dean's post includes some rare photos and adverts from the life of "J.H. Houdini", including this remarkable shot of Harry and Jacob with the Metamorphosis trunk in 1893.

Click the headline or here to read The Strange Life of a Different HOUDINI.


  1. It wasn't until I read Culliton's material that I realized the implications of calling the early act the Brothers Houdini. It does mean that the other guy has a right to call himself Houdini. It's also a reminder that Houdini worked with partners for quite a while -- the Hymans, Dash, Bess. When was it first billed as a single act?

  2. Probably when Martin Beck booked him on the Orpheum circuit in 1899. Although we know Bessie refused to work the dime museums, so he was doing a single there. His King of Cards sheet shows us he sometimes performed a single, just as Bessie sometimes did a solo song act. I expect they did whatever the house wanted/needed.