Saturday, December 24, 2011

Houdini in action!

Houdini's career as an action hero is amped up to eleven in the terrific new graphic novel, The Secret Adventures of Houdini, written by Todd Hunt and illustrated by Sean Von Gorman. This is the first of what promised to be a series from AHF Media and GH Comics.

Harry is in full Batman mode here as he tangles with a mysterious cult determined to raise the spirit of the undead evil saint, Thascius Cipriano. Most of the book finds Houdini slugging it out (literally) with the evil cultists in their underworld lair. But we also get a good depiction of the Water Torture Cell in the opening pages, a nice moment with Bess inside 278, and when Hardeen makes his timely appearance...well, it's a hoot! All in all a superb job and a really fun book. I'm looking forward to Part 2.

You can purchase The Secret Adventures of Houdini has an an online comic from Lush Comics, or as quality paperback from Indy Planet. You can also get updates on the official Facebook page.

UPDATE: The Secret Adventures of Houdini can now be purchased at Forbidden Planet.

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