Monday, November 24, 2014

Houdini gets a bad rap

It's amazing how many modern musicians and pop stars find inspiration in the decidedly non-musical Houdini, whose favorite song was Auld Lang Syne and idea of stage music was Pomp & Circumstance. Now Long Beach rapper "and style-maker" Rajh Kirch has caught the Houdini bug, as he tells the Long Beach Post:

The flip of “Antidote” is Magic, the album itself: the album hopes to show how hip hop and creativity revolve around magic-making, about making something insanely complex look easy. Which is why Kirch is momentarily obsessed with Houdini, introduced to him by art director and co-director for the “Antidote” video, Bro Brum.

“Brum showed me some vintage Houdini poster art where he's locked in chains,” Kirch said. “It was sort of comic book-ish and that's what inspired the fashion styling and the chain shots for the video. ‘A man that cannot be bound!’ I interpret the song as something about escaping adversaries and personal demons. Houdini was an escape artist. Voila.”

Finding his inner Robert DeNiro, Kirch delved into researching Houdini like an actor, discovering what he claims are parallels between each of them. In Houdini’s brilliant sense of business and understanding of his audience, there was always a sense of, “What’s next?”—a sensation that Kirch feels he always strives for as an entertainer as well as key to Magic’s overall theme.

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