Monday, November 17, 2014

'Bound By Flesh' streaming on Netflix

Bound By Flesh, the 2012 documentary about conjoined twins Violet and Daisy Hilton, is now streaming on Netflix. Houdini was friends with the young Hilton sisters and gave them advice during their time in Vaudeville. The documentary mentions Houdini and includes recordings of the sisters talking about the advice the magician gave them.

In their heyday, the Hilton Sisters were Vaudeville superstars who earned a weekly salary that was as high as Houdini's. This documentary tells their strange and somewhat tragic story.

You can watch Bound By Flesh on Netflix or buy the DVD from Amazon. For more information visit the official website.

Thanks to Steve Bingen for the alert. Check out Steve's new book, Warner Bros: Hollywood's Ultimate Backlot.


  1. My uncle, Wally Ford, who knew Houdini pretty well and was supposed to play him in a play called "the Fox," has the first dialogue (from "Freaks") in the trailer.

  2. Patrick, your uncle was Wallace Ford? How odd-interesting is that! John, Thank you for the kind plug for my book, which I'm actually rather cleverly plugging again right now.
    -Steve Bingen