Thursday, November 13, 2014

Haversat & Ewing auction goes live on Saturday

The next big magic auction from Haversat & Ewing Galleries goes live this Saturday, November 15. There are over 15 lots related to Houdini this time, including one of Houdini's trick Bibles (Lot #150).

Manufactured to Houdini's specifications, the Bible is handed to a spectator who is asked to turn to any page and silently read a selection of their choice. Houdini would then automatically know what words the spectator was reading. Approximately four of these trick bibles were made.

The auction estimate is $7,000-$10,000. But the last time one of these Bibles came up for auction, it sold for $24,000, so this will be one to watch.

CLICK HERE to view all the auction lots and to register to bid. Active bidding begins at 11:00 AM EST on Saturday, November 15, 2014. The first lot closes at 3:00 PM EST.



  1. Did anybody win anything? I managed to snag an old Routledge copy of Hoffman's Modern Magic at a bargain price. Assuming the book is in good condition as it looks in the photo.

    The Houdini items I saw had high bids.

    1. The Houdini lots are still live. I'll have a report as soon as they close. I was going after one item, but didn't win. :(