Saturday, July 25, 2015

Houdini in Hollywood (mega lecture!) at IBM Ring 96, August 15

Houdini might have been an S.A.M. man, but next month he's headed to the IBM when I bring my "Houdini in Hollywood" talk to IBM Ring 96 in Seal Beach, CA. The talk will take place during their regular monthly meeting on August 15, 2015 at 7pm. It's open to the public and admission is FREE.

This will be a "Houdini in Hollywood" mega lecture (with intermission) and will include all the clips that I've only selectively shared at previous talks. Also, thanks to our friends at Park Circus, I will be showing 10 minutes of select footage from TCM's newly restored The Grim Game!

Ring 96 was chartered in 1949 and serves IBM members in the Seal Beach/Long Beach area with lectures, competitions and other magic based events. (One of their past presidents was George Boston, who served as technical advisor on the Tony Curtis Houdini.) Ring 96 has hosted some impressive speakers, so I'm very honored to have been invited to speak at their meeting.

The meeting will take place at the Seal Beach North Community Center, 3333 St. Cloud Drive in Seal Beach, CA 90740. For more information and directions visit the IBM Ring 96 official website. I've also created a Facebook event page.

Looking forward to making Houdini an IBM man!

Thanks to Cliff Gerstman.



  1. Congrats,


    Rick Schmidlin

    1. Thanks, Rick. Would love for you to see the talk someday. Think you'd enjoy it.

  2. Good luck John! I have a feeling this is a prelude to a book on HH and Hollywood. Those of us east of the Mississippi River will have to wait for it.

    1. I think a book about Houdini's movies is my destiny and duty, but I'm afraid I'm not yet working on it.

  3. You are working on it, you just haven't realized it yet. All of the paper work and materials you prepare for your lectures is the core of the book.