Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spring Heel'd revealed

The fans over at HouDoyle and the Houdini & Doyle Fan Group on Facebook are having a Houdini & Doyle one year rewatch party. This week they are watching episode 4, "Spring Heel'd Jack", and group organizer Traci Porczynski has linked to the special effects house that created the Spring Heel'd Jack costume. You never really get a good look at this in the show itself, so it's cool to see it here.

Applied Arts designed and built this steampunk mask and gloves for the character of Spring Heeled Jack in ITV’s Houdini and Doyle. We made three separate masks that were suited to a variety of filming requirements, a hero one, a light weight stunt version and one that could breathe fire.

Check out more photos at the Applied Arts website.

You can join the rewatch party on Facebook and HouDoyle. All the season one episodes can be streamed via Amazon Video.


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