Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Houdini biography in September

There's a new Houdini biography headed our way in Fall. Houdini: The Life and Times of the World's Greatest Magician by Charlotte Montague runs 208 pages and will be relased by Chartwell Books on September 26.

Based on contemporary reports and diaries and supported with historic photographs and period posters, Houdini is an intriguing biography of the world’s greatest magician and escape artist. Ninety years after his death, this brings both the man and his magic back to life again for one last performance.

In the early 1900s, Houdini’s handcuff show was a huge sensation which toured the best venues in the USA and Europe, and when audiences demanded more, so he introduced straight-jackets, water-filled tanks, and nailed shut packing crates.

His outdoor spectaculars became increasingly elaborate. In the early winter of 1906, he leaped manacled from the MacArthur Bridge in Detroit, MI, freeing himself from two pairs of handcuffs beneath the icy waters. Houdini's mega-star status allowed him to fly airplanes, star in his own movies, write and publish his own books, and even become president of the Society of American Magicians.

This biography is an authoritative view from accomplished biographer Charlotte Montague, and belongs on the shelf of any lover of magic, escape artistry, and enigmatic figures.

Montague has also penned biographies of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft released by Chatwell.

You can pre-order Houdini: The Life and Times of the World's Greatest Magician from (U.S.) and (UK).

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  1. There's another Houdini bio coming down the pipeline from a gentleman and I can't remember his name.

    Does Montague promise anything new in her upcoming book?

    1. Are you thinking of Wayne Alan and THIS POST from last year? His book did not come out in March as announced. I've reached out to him but haven't heard back.

      I don't expect this will be a major biography in the Silverman/Kalush sense. I think it will more of a general biography of known facts, probably heavily illustrated. But maybe there will be surprises. I don't know the author.

    2. Yes that's it! Wayne Alan's book. Apparently there are publishing delays. I consider WAH to be an ongoing Houdini bio with nice surprises now and then.

  2. I want to know if this book would be appropriate for a young teen please!?