Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dash for cash

This photo sold on eBay today for a $159 Buy It Now. The seller notes that written on the back is: "Ferenc Dezso Weisz - 1880 Appleton." So is this really a photo of Houdini's brother Hardeen?

Well, this is the fourth time this same seller from Italy, using different eBay IDs, has magically produced an unseen image of what is claimed to be a Weiss family member. Each listing has offered the same vague details and none have bore any resemblance to the subject. So I'm skeptical.

You can see the seller's other offerings via the links below. One wonders who might be produced next?

Thanks to Kevin Connolly for the alert.

UPDATE: To see an undoubtably legit unpublished photo of a very young Dash, check out David Saltman's post at The Houdini File.



  1. Not even close. That child resembles the woman so he must be her son She is not Mama.

  2. I also think it would be unusual for the name Ferenc Dezso Weisz to appear on an 1880 Appleton photo. But that is the name one finds on Wikipedia. Just saying.