Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Russian Houdini escape room

Escape Room attractions certainly remain popular around the world. In Moscow the Escape Room facility Claustrophobia features a Houdini-themed room. Love the promotional images below (click to enlarge).

Harry Houdini is a renowned conjuror and illusionist. He has demonstrated to the whole world that he could get out of any set of handcuffs and escape from any locked room. This time the conjuror decided to share his art and find some trainees. How far can you go? Test your luck! Are you ready to pass an exam and enter Houdini’s academy? You have one hour to make an escape in an attempt to excel your legendary teacher!

For more vist the Claustrophobia website. Below are links to a few other Houdini-themed Escape Rooms.



  1. I didn't realize there were so many. There's a Houdini's room escape in Cincinnati with a number of different escape rooms, including an oval office escape room. --Dale from Cleveland.

  2. Being claustrophobic I’ll just be a cheerleader on the sidelines for those who take this challenge. For challenges I’ll stick to the Houdini Pinball table and try to rack up as many free games as possible.