Thursday, November 9, 2017

Houdini mystery prop at FrightFest in Oklahoma

Wryne Higgins at the Houdini & Doyle Fan Group on Facebook (which has now been around longer life than the series itself) posted this image she took at Frontier City's annual FrightFest in Oklahoma. This wasn't part of any existing attraction, it was just sitting on its own. Anyone have any idea what this could have once been a part of?

Below are links to some other Houdini amusement park attractions.

Thanks Wryne.



  1. It looks like it was part of a low wall of some kind or an entrance to some kind of Houdini attraction?

    1. Yeah, it could be that a past FrightFest maze had a Houdini theme, and this is all that's left.

  2. Have you heard about the Houdini escape room, in the House of Torrent in Austin Texas? I went this past Sept. on a light on private tour so the room was dark and I didn’t get to play it... but I got to see the room and video that had an actor as Houdini-he was pretty good.

    1. I know of several Houdini-themed escape rooms, but I wasn't aware of this one. Nothing on their website. But now I have another reason to visit Austin! :)


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