Friday, January 18, 2019

George Hardeen talks Houdini and television

George Hardeen has written a terrific article about his magical family and his experience making the TV series Houdini's Last Secrets for his weekly employee magazine Pulse. As you can see, George and his Great Uncle Harry made the cover.

The magazine is distributed to SRP employees, but you can read and save a PDF via THIS LINK good for a week.

Houdini's Last Secrets airs on the Science Channel. The third episode, which looks at the Siberian Transport Prison Van escape, airs this Sunday at 10 PM EST. The series is also available on Amazon and iTunes.


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    1. That's a wonderful article! Thanks to you and George Hardeen for sharing this. I was very interested to read George's perspective about all of this, and to hear about the shooting schedule of the series and the locations. The pictures are great, too. (Interesting that in the pic of George next to the photograph of Harry, Bess and Cecelia, George looks a bit like Tony Curtis!) That's also a very impressive publication, especially for a weekly.