Thursday, October 10, 2019

The House of Houdini welcomes special visitors

David Merlini's The House of Houdini museum in Budapest welcomed two very special visitors recently: Joe and Merna Guttentag. Merna's father was Dr. Daniel Cohn, the young physician who treated Houdini at the Statler Hotel in Detroit and arranged for his transport to Grace Hospital in 1926. Cohn was one of the four doctors who attended to Houdini during the week of his fatal illness. David shared photos of Joe and Merna on the museum's Instagram.

🇬🇧 After being cowardly hit in the stomach several times in his dressing room at the Princess Theatre in Montreal, Houdini’s ruptured appendix was first seen by a medic at the Statler Hotel in Detroit days later. A young doctor named Daniel Cohn, visited Houdini, and urged him to Grace Hospital immediately. 93 years later, it was our pleasure to welcome Joe and Merna Guttentag. Merna’s father was that doctor. 🇭🇺 Miután alattomosan, többször is gyomorszájon vágták öltözõjében, a montreali Princess színházban, Houdini roncsolt vakbelét elsõként Daniel Cohn, egy fiatal orvos vizsgálta meg napokkal késõbb, a detroiti Statler Hotelben, majd sürgönyözte Houdinit a Grace kórházba. 93 évvel késõbb, abban a különös megtiszteltetésben volt részünk, hogy Joe és Merna Guttentag-ot köszönthettük a Houdini Házban. Merma édesapja volt az a bizonyos orvos. #houdini #houseofhoudini #houseofhoudinibudapest #magic #davidmerlini
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