Friday, October 25, 2019

Bill Martin brings Houdini to Roswell

Bill Martin will be giving his unique Houdini talk and performance tomorrow (Oct. 26) at 2:00 PM at the Roswell Public Library in Roswell, New Mexico. Below are details:

This presentation will include a discussion of the incredible life and times of Houdini, the greatest magician, escape artist and showman of his time. Bill Martin will appear as be believes Houdini would return today; as the "GREAT and MAGNIFICENT SWAMI SALAMI." A magic show and discussion will follow. Throughout the show, you will learn how the Jewish kid from Budapest became known as the "the great self-liberator" to the new American immigrants, and how his dangerous escapes became metaphors for their personal freedom and newfound belief in themselves. Escapes will be demonstrated.

Bill Martin is a magician, escapeologist, and retired Naval Aviator. He has been a Golden Gloves boxer, carnival wrestler, hardrock miner, tractor mechanic, and nightclub entertainer. He has performed Houdini’s famous Milk Can escape on national television.

The Roswell Public Library is located at 301 N. Pennsylvania. For more information call (575) 622-7101 or visit their website.


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