Saturday, May 4, 2019

Houdini's 278 is coming back to life

It was one year ago today that news broke of the sale of Houdini's New York home ("278"). At the time, the new owners assured the Houdini community that they planned to preserve Houdini history. Today I'm excited to share the first image of the restoration in progress.

This photo was taken from the parlor level entryway and shows a now restored doorway into what was Houdini's library. The doorway had been walled off by the previous owner. But now we see exactly what it was like to step inside 278 and find Houdini himself in his favorite space.

QUESTION: What is your idea of comfort?
HOUDINI: Seated in a large arm chair in library and hearing Mrs. Houdini call up: "Young man your lunch is ready."

Thanks to the new owners of 278 for allowing me to share this pic.



  1. "Hi, Harry, are you busy?!" Thanks for this - love your photo trickery, too!

  2. Cool how that photo lines right up! So great to know his house is being cared for and history is being preserved.


  3. A wonderfully eerie photo! Thank you for that!


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