Monday, May 14, 2012

Houdini the Elk

Houdini's life membership card to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (B.P.O.E.) has sold in auction for $1,800. The twice-signed card reveals that Houdini became an Elk on February 18, 1912. He belonged to New York Lodge #1.

The card was Lot #1447 in the Spring 2012 Robert Edward Auctions.


  1. This is the same place where they held his funeral, isn't it?

    1. Yes, I think you're right about that. I didn't make that connection. Good catch, melbo!

    2. Yes, New York Elks Lodge #1 that was in NYC on 110 west 43rd street was where he was initiated and his big funeral was.
      The funeral was attend by 2,000 of his bro. Elks and his Bro. Masons also his magicians guild with wife Bess and his Rabbi.
      Their is a YouTube video called Houdini's Funeral. It shows his casket being carried out of New York Elks #1 on the front steps!
      Sad day for Elks, Masons, and his wife Bess!!! Elks care Elks share....

  2. Yes, New York Elks Lodge #1 the Mother Lodge of the BPO Elks was the place where his funeral took place in the huge lodge room that the Elks had in that lodge.
    Now , what is really cool is their is a short video of Harry Houdini being brought out in his casket out of the NY Elks Lodge #1. its only 20 seconds long.
    My question is where did all the footage of that day go ?
    google harry's funeral click on images. You will see 2 photo's of that day out in the streets where a camera photog is shooting video footage at the middle edge of the picture. This means that their is more footage of that day but, where did that footage go to? let me know if you find it send to

  3. This is only the elks card for that year.
    I have spoken to a past Trustee of N.Y. LIDGE # 1 to et me the date thT Harry became a member & the date when he was made a honrary member.
    Elk Historian trill torrilhon

  4. We now have that lodge furniture in our lodge, Tallahassee #937. It's cool to have a piece of original history! Come see and sit...we still use it to this day.

  5. You guys in the Tallahassee lodge have the furniture from the Hotel Savoy building that the New York Elks Lodge #1 used. They bought new furniture for their own new building on west 43rd street in 1911. Once again you have NY#1 furniture from your member going to NYC when they reading to move. But, you don’t have furniture from their big building on 43rd street!