Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Under the Pyramids mini book

Houdini's 1924 short story, Imprisoned with the Pharaohs, has been published as a 44-page hardcover mini book by Creepycult under Lovecraft's original title, Under the Pyramids. This unique book is currently for sale only on eBay (as far as I can find). I'll let the seller's description speak for itself.

Welcome! This is a brand new "little" treat for you, hand made by me! I have a week break in the finishing of another project while I waiting for a machine part, so I have decided to finish this piece. I have been slowly working on for quite a while. This was intended to be a holiday present to all the folks who helped me get the Fantasy Fan book off the ground, well it turned out so cool I decided to do an edition of 200 for anyone who might want to have something a little fun 
First off, the book is a 60 page hardcover book, containing the story "Under the Pyramids" also titled "Imprisoned with the Pharaohs" originally published in the world famous WEIRD TALES magazine circa 1924. Ghost written by the legendary HP Lovecraft for the equally legendary Houdini! 
What makes this book so special is that it comes in a custom miniature US Postal mail bag, and PADLOCKED CLOSED. (The key is on the INSIDE). So, you have to mimic Houdini, and pick the lock to get to the book. Once inside you will find a beautiful little book, sizing up at 4" x 5", containing 4 original illustrations by the weird and wonderful Nick Gucker. Each book is hand numbered and there is a RANDOM signed letterpress print in only 50 copies.

My copy has just landed at my door, and I can confirm that it is very nicely done (and the lock wasn't too hard to pick). Also happy to report that my copy (#2) contained the Nick Gucker print, which I'm sharing below.

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  1. I also recieved my copy and have to echo what John has said. This is a great book and for the price it is a excellent value.