Monday, May 7, 2012

Isla Fisher gets her Houdini on

The Hollywood News has posted this image of Isla Fisher under the headline, "Isla Fisher Is The New Houdini In Now You See Me".

Directed by Louis Leterrier and due for release in January 2013, Now You See Me focus on a band of illusionists who become the target of the FBI after it's discovered that they rob banks while performing their acts. The film stars Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo (who played Hardeen in 1998's Houdini), Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Caine, and Isla as, presumably, the escapist of the team.


  1. Now there's something to keep an eye out for! Hopefully the movie will be adequately good.

  2. Isla Fisher, the star of the summer hit movie "Now You See Me," has revealed in several interviews that she studied the life and work of magician illusionist Dorothy Dietrich, as inspiration for her role.

    She also watched all of Houdini's work.

    in the UK in The Telegraph
    She took inspiration for her character from the American escapologist Dorothy Dietrich. 'She can catch a bullet between her teeth. She’s fabulous – YouTube her,’

    and in Irelands Laois Tatler
    She’s a fearless escapologist and I actually based her on Dorothy Dietrich—a wonderful American escapologist who can catch a bullet between her teeth and get out of a straight jacket. She is fabulous. She’s such a character, such an anarchist. She could stand on the edge of a cliff and not care. Even though she embraces her femininity, she’s happy to be in a masculine world and be one of the boys.

    “I got to train with Dorothy Dietrich, the first lady magician to catch a bullet with her teeth.

    I watched all of Houdini’s work and Dorothy Dietrich, who is a female escapologist, who is amazing, you have to watch her.

    Fisher studied the life and work of illusionist Dorothy Dietrich to prepare for the role. "I wanted Henley to be as to be as daring and dazzling and surprising offstage as on, so we never know what she is thinking," she says. "Dorothy is a real female escapologist who is working today. She was the first woman to capture a bullet between her teeth, which is an amazing feat. She's not only good at misdirection, but she also connects emotionally with the audience, so she's better able to involve them in the stunts."