Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Houdini Il Mago Della Fuga

This new 76-page Italian Houdini book has just landed on my doorstep. Houdini Il Mago Della Fuga was released in March 2012. It's written by Pierfrancesco Poggi with illustrations by Umberto Mischi.

The book is in Italian so I can't really give it a review, but it appears to tell a parallel story about a young modern day escape artist, Roy, and the story of Houdini himself. The illustrations are terrific and the story takes us all the way up to the Houdini Art and Magic exhibition of 2010-12. There also appears to be a Harry Potter link at the end.

You can buy Houdini Il Mago Della from and You can also download a PDF of the first chapter from the publisher, Biancoenero.

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