Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Find of the century?

Okay, here's one that truly tests just how "wild" you are about Harry (and Bess). This to me is the find of the century! It comes from our friend, Jon Oliver, the man who sleeps in Houdini's bed, who sent me the following in a Halloween eve email. Here's Jon:

I had an interesting thing happen yesterday.
Years ago I picked up Bess Houdini's dressing table set. It has mirror, and brushes, perfume bottles, and a tray. My wife Melissa and I were getting some stuff together and doing a little dusting when she discovered the brush is full of white hair.
This came from Ruth Kavanaugh, and she told me after Bess died, she received it but never used it.
Thus we have a bunch of Bess Houdini's hair.

Okay, maybe you find this more freaky than the find of the century (be sure to vote in our poll). But, in all seriousness, I rank this right up there with the perspiration-stained Houdini shirt collar and the pocket from the pajamas Houdini was wearing when he died as a unique relic worthy of a special kind of worship.

But if you're still not impressed, then stand by for something else from Jon that I will share tomorrow. You're bound (clue!) to love that one...

UPDATE: Poll results.


  1. Was this her souvenir of Hairy, ok horrible pun, but Im here all week.

  2. Hey, my vote didn't show up.

    Look, I don't like my own hair in a hairbrush, let alone anyone else's. But pull it out of a plughole ...

    (I'm here all week too).

    1. Let me know what you voted and I can put it in (I think).

    2. It showed up after I left the comment. Sorry.

      And now five people agree with me I see.

  3. No love for Houdini's linen bag made by Bess? It probably has both of their DNA in it.

    1. Linen bag? Didn't know about that one...

    2. I got it from Marie Blood many years ago when I went to her place to purchase a Houdini scrapbook and some other items. It was made by Bess and has Houdini's signature in red thread going across the bag.

    3. Wow. That is cool. How special to have personal items like this. I envy you and Jon.

  4. You know, I'm having fun with this, but I hope it doesn't appear that I'm mocking this, because I'm not. I really do think this is a really mind blowing thing. I'd give anything for a single strand.

  5. Now we can clone her.

  6. To change the subject did anyone investigate the potential death certificate of Kukol?

  7. BTW, is that a picture of the brush at Jon Oliver’s website? I also like the “bound” clue; very impressive.

  8. Yes it is the brush on my website.
    Where some think this is a freaky thing to have.
    Giving someone some of your hair goes back to the begining
    of time.
    Famous people through out history would give it to fans.
    There are many groups today that deal in hair from famous
    people. Infact just a few years ago Elvis P. widow found
    one of his brushes from a make up kit, and was selling them
    by the strand for $400.00.
    Jon Oliver