Thursday, June 27, 2013

Houdini + Bo Derek = huh?

Baseball card collecting is a world unto itself. It's a huge hobby with what seems like hundreds of sets released every year. Happily, Houdini seems to be a favorite card subject. Below are cards from the new 2013 Golden Age Playing Cards and 2013 Golden Age Exhibit Box Topper sets. Houdini is also included in the 2013 Panini Golden Age Baseball Cards and the Panini Golden Age mini set. (If you click here you can see Harry Houdini is card #25.)

Browsing the list of card subjects, it's amazing how popular Bo Derek is. She's in every set, sometimes more than once. She's even the Ace of Hearts to Harry's King of Spades. Bizarre. But better Bo than Kim Kardashian.

The above images come from eBay auctions running here, here and here. Not a bad way to pick these up. No Bo Derek collection is complete without them!

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