Monday, June 24, 2013

LINK: Houdini display is dark again at Whittier Museum (and remains dark)

Our good friend Joe Notaro of Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence has had quite a frustrating experience trying to see the S.A.M. magic collection at the Whittier Historical Society & Museum in Whittier, California. You may recall that the collection -- which includes the Russian Manacle, a dress worn by Bess, and three handcuff displays created by Edward Saint -- was sealed in the basement of a bank in Hollywood after it was contaminated by toxic PCBs in 2004. Last September the S.A.M. was finally able to salvage the collection and put it on public display at the Whittier Museum. I attended the opening and reported on it here.

However, seeing the collection has now become as challenging as it was when it was locked away in Hollywood. The exhibit is only opened sporadically, and even if you somehow manage to get inside, you'll discover that the Houdini case is completely dark because of faulty motion sensor lights. (Could this be because there is no motion inside a sealed case? Just a guess.) The case has been dark for two months now.

Anyway, click the headline and read about Joe's misadventures seeing what I'm now convinced is a cursed collection.

The Houdini case (photographed here in September) is now dark.

UPDATE: It appears the title link to Joe's site isn't working correctly. His site may be down. This happened right after I posted this. The curse strikes again!


  1. Just read John's blog and checked the link and the curse has been lifted on the link; can't speak to the curse on seeing the collection at the museum.

  2. I was so glad when they finally were able to retrieve the SAM materials and put them in a new home. But now, after read this, I'm just disgusted with the level of incompetence of this new group. What is wrong with people anymore, I see so many with an 'I don't care-Not my problem' attitude. It's quite frustrating. I hope they get this issue fixed.

    1. I do cut them some slack as I this is a free museum and I think all the docents there work for free or for a pitance. It's a beautiful old building and I expect it's a labor of love for someone to keep it going. But lets show that love for HH. Let ME change that light bulb. Or maybe some electrician/magic fan will volunteer to have a look for free.