Monday, June 17, 2013

LINK: Houdini's bubble gum dilemma

What happens when you mix Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Needles trick, and chewing gum? You get a (maybe) true story that I've never heard before.

Click the headline and read about Harry's sticky predicament at Chuck Romano's My Magic Uncle blog.


  1. Sorry I can't resist:
    Master mystifier Houdini, gets out of another "sticky" situation.

  2. Interesting that Doyle disliked gum chewing as a bad American habit among other things. Yet in the end he joins the gum chewing club. I don't believe that Houdini swallowed the needles accidentally. They would have lodged in his throat.

    Something must have gone wrong and Houdini attributed the gaff to Doyle's chewing gum. He must have kept a packet of the needles in his coat pocket as an impromptu effect if he had to perform it on the fly.

  3. The performer should swallow the needles, the thread and some bubble gum, and produce the threaded needles inside a bubble.

  4. That would have been a cool effect! Unfortunately, Jay Sankey was not born yet.