Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Backstage with Houdini The Play

Here are some terrific behind-the-scenes photos of Houdini (The Play) currently touring the UK. Houdini features Evanna Lynch as Bess, Stuart Brennan as Theo, and Jamie Nichols as Houdini. It arrives tonight at the Swansea Grand Theatre in Swansea. It then moves to the Windsor Theatre Royal (September 30 – October 5) and the Dublin Gaiety Theatre (October 7 – 12).

Bess and Beck get into character.

Theo gets top billing at last.

Houdini is in the house.

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Visit houdinitheplay.com for more details, to buy merchandise, and to book tickets.


  1. I have a question......of all the actors who have tried to portray Houdini on film on stage which came closest to doing so? I am trying to get a better feel for what it was like to watch Houdini perform.....so which portrayal came the closest?

    1. I don't know about on stage, but I have a feeling Harvey Keitel in FairyTale might have come to closest to embodying the real man. But if you want to study Houdini's mannerisms and movements, you should watch his films, especially The Master Mystery.