Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Houdini pinball appears at G2E in Las Vegas

American Pinball has unveiled their new Houdini-themed pinball machine at G2E (Global Gaming Expo) in Las Vegas. Below are images and the official press release for HOUDINI: MASTER MYSTERY.

The Greatest Magician of all time HARRY HOUDINI returns to the stage!


Chicago, IL – September 26, 2016 - American-Pinball, manufacturer of arcade games and amusements, is excited to announce the world-wide release of Houdini - Master Mystery™ pinball machine for the home, arcades, gaming centers and magic collectors. The unveiling will take place September 26th at the Venetian Las Vegas hotel on the eve of G2E, The Global Gaming Expo.

Based in the mecca of the pinball universe just outside Chicago, Illinois, American Pinball features a team with decades of industry experience and is launching its first pinball machine under the name Houdini for several reasons. Known as a masterful magician and Harry Houdini is considered the greatest magician, conjurer and escape artist that there ever was. Captivating audiences worldwide with his legendary escapes and shows was his specialty, the Houdini™ pinball will carry on that magical tradition as a beautiful crafted pinball machine featuring a one-of-a-kind pinball theater experience with an LCD color screen and patented cabinet.

“Houdini’s escapes, illusions and handcuff challenges are world renowned even today, and formulate the basis of our inventive new pinball machine,” said president of American-Pinball, Dhaval Vasani. “Our Houdini - Master Mystery pinball machine will bring the man back to life with supremely detailed hand-drawn game artwork, inventive ball tricks, brilliantly illuminated play surfaces and spirit devices while featuring all the classic pinball features like: action jet bumpers, multi level ball stages, sculpted magic toys, secret escapes and much more.”

American-Pinball has also added a performance of new Houdini™ features to amaze players including: The Floating Ball, Water Torture Cell, Levitating Bumper, The Bullet Catch, Hindu Needle Trick, Spirit Box, Buried Alive Sarcophagus, Lock Chambers, Magic Beasts, The Séance, Milk Can Escape and Jennie the Vanishing Elephant!

“Houdini - Master Mystery pinball transforms under the hood as well with the newest game motherboards created by award winning Gigabyte Technology to drive all of Houdini’s pinball effects, full color graphics, sounds, gameplay and music,” explained Vasani.

The blog Pinball News was given an exclusive first look at the game and has more coverage HERE. You can follow American Pinball on Facebook.

HOUDINI: MASTER MYSTERY can be seen at booth 4105 at G2E in Las Vegas through Sept. 29.



  1. This is way cool! I thought pinball machines were passé given all of the newfangled video games out there. HH and pinball machines are still part of our culture. That's a nice feeling. HH is the Pinball Wizard...

    1. In fishing out info on this, I was surprised to see there is a very active pinball machine market for collectors and connoisseurs with new machines and innovations. This is one of those.

    2. BTW, major Houdini collector and all around good guy Robert Somerdin is also a major pinball machine collector. I expect he'll need to have one of these. :)