Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Make a long distance call on Houdini

In 1997 the Houdini Historical Center in Appleton released a limited edition series of Houdini phone cards. They came in four sets of three cards and featured Houdini images from the HHC (which at the time housed the Sidney Radner collection). Below is Set #1.

I'm not entirely sure all four sets were produced. I've only ever seen the first set for sale online. My set #1 has a sticker on the front that reads: "These phone cards are for collectors only - no phone time is included." This appears to have been placed over another sticker showing the cards were good until 1998.

I've also never seen the "special lenticular motion card" that was sent by mail to those who collected all four sets. Is that the Mama/Harry/Bess card show above I wonder?

Would love to hear from anyone who collected all the cards. Leave a comment below. Don't call!



  1. Look at that! I've never seen that photo of Harry, Bess, and Mama. The one that gets airtime is the classic version of Harry with his arms around both ladies.

    1. Yes! That is the more uncommon image. I believe David Copperfield now owns that.

    2. I wonder if that's the "special lenticular motion card"? Maybe when you move it the other pic appears and it looks like he puts his arms around them? That would be cool.

  2. We have a few for sale in our gift shop
    Houdini Museum
    Scranton PA

  3. Not sure that means?
    Think they are all or most all the same batch
    Will get one of them and let you know
    Probably the most common one, what ever that means
    Just sent information on new book. Can you it ??
    D and D

  4. I have just acquired set 1. Numbered 0003

  5. Wonderful! Now you can call Harry. Here's his number: