Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Man From Beyond pressbook sells for $780

An original pressbook for Houdini's The Man From Beyond sold for $780 (includes buyers premium) at yesterday's Potter & Potter online magic auction.

Pressbooks for Houdini's movies are fantastically rare and desirable, especially as they contain images of all the posters and adverting for the film. A reproduction of The Man From Beyond pressbook was sold in the late 1970s by, I believe, Jim Steranko (correct me in the comments if I'm wrong). Because of this, it's the pressbook most are familiar with. But I can't recall seeing an original come up for auction in many years, so this was a nice get for someone.

For the record, I believe I may own the only complete Terror Island pressbook (it was displayed last year at the Catalina Island Museum). I believe Kevin Connolly owns the only known Haldane of the Secret Service pressbook. I recently saw The Master Mystery pressbook in the collection of Ken Trombly.



  1. I bought my copy, ($10) of the press book repro in 1978 from a publication called, (I think) "MediaScene". It also had an article about Steranko's escape work, and an ad for advance copies of a new book by Steranko on escapes, called, "Iron Puzzles."
    I sent in my $10 and now 40 years later, am still waiting for my copy of, "Iron Puzzles.”

    1. Yes, that's where I got mine from as well. I thought MediaScene was Steranko's own publication? I recall mine took a long time to arrive. I was close to giving up on it. But then one day it came.

  2. HI
    I believe Steranko owned MediaScene.

  3. While I have been fortunate enough to see all 5 pressbooks for his movies, wouldn’t it amazing to see them all on display together someday.

    1. BTW, I own the original Grim Game pressbook in the related link above.


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