Sunday, April 19, 2020

Houdini (1953) streaming free on Pluto TV

Just a heads up that Houdini (1953) is now streaming free in HD on Pluto TV. Pluto is quickly becoming my go-to app for free streaming movies. I'm not sure how long they make movies available, but it great to see there's now a free option. So if you've never see this magical biopic starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, know that it's just a click away.



  1. I spent forever clicking around (with streaming issues that happened to fall while I actually wanted to use the tv) trying to find this last night and FINALLY found it. I hadn't seen it in decades but I remember it was one of the first "Houdini" things I'd ever seen back the and I enjoyed it better than others I've seen (I still can't manage to finish watching the one with A. Brody). I went to watch more today and had to start all over (and then had more issues) and still haven't finished.

    I remember thinking "He doesn't look hardly anything like Harry but he does a good job portraying him" back when I first watched it. Now, watching it this time, all I can do is yell at the tv screen (making sure my mom knows my outrage) about how the woman playing Bess looks nothing like her at ALL in any sense (in my opinion). I know, Hollywood blah blah (gotta make people wanna watch) but really.

    But I can't help but wonder if Bess would think, "I wouldn't mind being tall, blonde and model-like!"

  2. I never thought to get to it through Roku!! I read your post while half asleep and didn't see the image clearly at the time. All I saw was Pluto, lol! Now I know! :D