Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Richard Sherry promises "astounding news" about the Canadian Mystery Cell

Richard Sherry, who in February revealed himself as the owner of what we've come to call the "Canadian Mystery Cell", shared the following on his Facebook page last week.

Click to enlarge.

Everything I know about this cell I shared in my original post about its discovery, so I'm as much in dark as anyone at this point. But I'm thrilled the son is talking, and I look forward to some facts about this unusual magic artifact.

UPDATE: Richard and Dayle have written a two-part guest blog showing the cell in detail (Part 1) and sharing their discoveries and theories (Part 2).



  1. Looking forward to hearing more. AFAIK, the museum at Niagara opened in May 1968 and moved some time in 1972. Radner stored the Water Torture Cell he acquired from Theo Hardeen in his house in Massachusetts from 1942 until 1971 (when he shipped it to the museum in Niagara).

  2. This sounds exciting that the mystery of the origins of this newly discovered USD may finally be resolved. I can't wait to learn more. Thanks.

  3. Awesome! Looking forward to finding out more on this USD!

  4. The Krall cell looks to be the original cell shown in pictures from the 80s. Look at the brown markings on the left side of the vertical metal frame.

    1. Yeah, I was eyeballing those stains as well. Curious.

    2. Something to ponder: Cell box looks to be the same, but not the cell top (e.g., handles, hinge).
      The new book, “Growing Up With Houdini” by David J. Muller, has some nice earlier photos of the original cell at Houdini Magical Hall of Fame for comparison.
      That said, the original cell is supposed to have a split in the middle upper wooden panel of the stage left side of the cell box.