Monday, June 1, 2020

May 2020 in review

Here's a rundown of posts by category that appeared on WILD ABOUT HARRY last month.

Most Viewed Post
The 'Houdini House Pen' gets it write

Houdini History
Houdini's Westlake leap
Houdini did not approve this message
The Siberian Transport Prison Cell escape
"Houdini's School Days"
Houdini meets DeMille
At last! Evidence of Houdini's near fatal buried alive surfaces
Houdini's Madison straitjacket escape then and now
Listen to The New School's 1977 Houdini Seance
When Douglas Geoffrey became Hardeen Jr.
The hidden meaning of Houdini's iconic suit

Choosing Houdini
New Italian edition of Gibson's Houdini on Magic
Arthur Moses reprints the first Houdini & Holmes adventure

Houdini (1953) on Talking Pictures TV
Days of Thrills and Harry Houdini

Watch ETHER: The Strange Afterlife of Harry Houdini & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Master Mystery episode 10 poster sells for $24,570

Bess Houdini by Medusa Dollmaker

Instagram Live event with Katherine Factor
Talking Houdini with the AMA this Thursday

Mystifier File
Mystifier, Spring 2002

LINK: The Man From Beyond in Farmington
LINK: The escape artist

10th Anniversary
10th Anniversary: Those Vanishing Elephant photos

R.I.P. Roy Horn
Rapper who went by "Houdini" is killed in Toronto

April 2020 in review

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