Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Houdini book by Dixie Dooley

Dean Carnegie over at Magic Detective alerts us to a brand new Houdini book, Houdini - Question Reality, by Las Vegas magician and long-time Houdini buff, Dixie Dooley.

I don't have the book in hand yet, but it appears to be a collection of unusual and uncommon stories about Houdini, with some intriguing chapter titles, such as: "Blinded in his left Eye?", "Houdini's Son?", "Sue-Dini", "Curious story of Frieda Brown Sower", and "Hardeen the Gambler."

One item in my collection that I greatly enjoy is a tape recording of Dixie telling the extraordinary story of his visit to 278 in the 1980s. Dean reports that this tale is recounted in Houdini - Question Reality with sketches of the inside of the legendary Houdini house. For this alone I'd say this book is a must!

Houdini - Question Reality is available as a print-on-demand paperback and a file download from

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