Monday, August 22, 2011

Sporting Life 'distressed' Houdini card

Last month I posted a Houdini trading card from Goodwin made in a vintage style. Now here's a company that takes the "throw back" concept even further, and also feature Houdini among their collection of Famous Personalities.

Sporting Life offers up a series of cards that are not only made with a vintage look, but the cards have been physically "distressed" to simulate age and use. The cards also feature printing anomalies and imprecise cutting so that each card is truly unique, much as cards where back when the hobby was in its infancy.

It's a cool concept, and I love that Sporting Life has used a very uncommon (and not particularly flattering) shot of Houdini for their card. That just adds to the authentic flavor. The Houdini card also comes in a tobacco size "test" issue. Only 100 or less of these test issue cards were produced.

Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who likes these cards, as I've yet to be able to score one on eBay at a reasonable price (for a non card collector). The last series card sold for $21.70 and a test sold for $17.28.

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