Saturday, March 10, 2012

LINK: New twists on Houdini's Russian tour

Dean Carnegie at Carnegie: Magic Detective has uncovered some very interesting new information about Houdini's tour of Russia in 1903, including a claim that he performed the Bullet Catch before the Czar himself. The Bullet Catch has long been touted as "the trick that Houdini wouldn't perform."

Dean also adds a new wrinkle to the "Bell Ringing affair."

Click the headline and catch it yourself at Carnegie: Magic Detective.


  1. Probably a wealth of info concerning Houdini located deep inside Moscow and St Petersburg library"s. Are there any Houdini fans in Russia?

  2. There are Houdini fans in Russia, but English is a tough language to write. One Russian gentleman tried to communicate his thoughts on Houdini at Kevin's site and it was painful to decipher.

    I'm heading to Dean's site to read this...

  3. This fun story should be checked as to if it happened or not. Go to Dean's site for more info we put up about the card magician who wrote the story. Probably a nice guy...Houdini expert???

    Dick Brookz & Dorothy Dietrich

  4. Surprised most are not familiar with Mickey MacDougall. He was mostly not a writer or historian, but probably lucked out to get this column in a few papers. He probably never met Houdini, as Houdini would have died before his time. I would not trust his Houdini stories unless you have newspaper stories to back it up or other definitive evidence.

    Go to Dean's site for more detailed info on Mickey that we put up there.

    Dick Brookz & Dorothy Dietrich
    Houdini Museum

  5. Houdini is on record, however, that he did back away from a bullet catch performance he had announced he would do, on the advice of Harry Kellar.


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